American Flag on the Oregon Coast

I thought it would be fun to show the whole process of painting this flag on the river side of a cabin on the Oregon Coast.  I started last week by making a paper pattern of the image, and then made a pounce pattern out of it – pouncing is a long-used method of transferring an image to another surface by putting tiny holes along the drawing.  In my case, I used an electric pounce machine, but this can also be done by hand with a pouncing tool.

After the pattern is taped to the wall, a fine black powder is rubbed through the holes, and voila! there is your image.

Having already painted a white basecoat, after the image is transferred again, I paint several coats of red and blue.


Next it is time to paint 50 stars.



After all the color fields are dry, I add shading and highlights, and a pole.

This bit of Americana is painted on a cabin facing the Nestucca River, and passed by multitudes of boats carrying fishermen out for a day of fishing, and everyone is in a happy mood.

It was quite a treat getting to work in this idyllic setting, surrounded by wonderful people and gifted with a lovely salmon!

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