Black and White and Gray

Recently I have been painting some unusually colorless walls – but while they feature only shades of gray in their palette, they are certainly color-full in their visual impact.  IMG_5489 This bedroom, when it is done, will be completed with all white bedding and crystal chandeliers for a powerful but romantic urban space painted to mimic aging concrete.  We washed pearlescent and silver metallic paints over the gray and white to soften the hard, edgy look with some feminine romance.

IMG_5479IMG_5485 kitchenObviously, I love color, but I also appreciate the bold and simple impact some straightforward black and gray and white can add to a space.  In this house, the vast walls were all painted the same benign tone of beige, and the client was going crazy (the house came this way.)  She decided to choose a couple of areas to cover with a dynamic combination of simple shapes, and dramatic contrasting black and antiqued white/cream.  It completely changes the feeling of the rooms, and was a wonderfully neutral way to add a backdrop to whatever else she wants to bring into her home – new colors, textures and decor can all work well with these walls, and can change without competing. The office, seen here, has 14 foot walls, that really needed something other than more beige!  We painted the opposing wall solid black, and then did this harlequin treatment.  You can see in the detail we added a little bling because… well, why not?IMG_0573IMG_0552










A surprising, but lovely place for some gray and white paint was this sweet nursery.  We added a touch of color with bird silhouettes, and a crown, but otherwise, the room was a super simple gray and white tree motif.IMG_4906IMG_4908

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