February Projects

I had fun last week with my friend Hana Adamko, as we presented our painted furniture to the fabulous Community Warehouse for their 2013 Table and Chair Affair fundraiser.

Mary from Community Warehouse welcomes Betsy from Cracked Pots with her Crab Chair donation.

The event is in March – check out their website and attend the auction to support this valuable organization!





The piece I chose to paint was an old telephone chair, and I loved just the idea of a chair designed for us to use while we talked on the phone, so had fun playing around with retro-themed trompe l’ oeil images. Here is how my Telephone Chair turned out!

















I am also finishing up the backdrops for the Artisans Cup of Portland show coming up next October.  Danielle came to visit the workshop and we talked about bonsai art and paint.  Here she is with the last set of boards.




After removing the painted boards (96 in all), I have been left with a number of lovely abstract impressions on the plastic tarps that have been protecting the floors.

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