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me and star warsWhile looking over some recent photos, I realized that I have quite a few mural projects that have been left out of the blog reports, so thought I would throw them all into this miscellaneous pot just to show some of the things I have been up to in the last year that didn’t make it to the website.

Finally!  The Theater Mural at VSAA is complete.

Finally! The Theater Mural at VSAA is complete.

This first project was originally mentioned when it was begun as a senior project at the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics in 2012. more stairs seniorsTwo years and several seniors later, it was completed, so here it is!NYC

Next is a circley room that will make a colorful and fun playroom for a bunch of grandkids.circles and mecircle room

Here is a garden door where I featured a portrait of the clients’ cat, Gouda.  IMG_0142Their garden is lovely, and a stone path leads right up to the stone path on the door.

Gouda the cat

Gouda the cat





This amazing comic book superhero wall is something that Karen and I have been working on for years.me and karen in front of wall

These superhero clients keep changing the storylines and adding and subtracting the heroes and villains and innocent comic wallbystanders as they re-envision the worlds of Metropolis and Gotham.  We love it there!  This time, they even wanted Deadpool pushing a VooDoo Donuts cart.voodoo donut detail

Here is a spring tree in full bloom, with a friendly owl keeping watch over my little client and her cat.

Me with my client

Me with my client

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)owl in tree


I am currently working on some designs for a new project upcoming in the fall, and a pet portrait or two.  Then I will have a summer adventure with my family and will take lots of pictures to share.  As always, I will be looking for art everywhere.

Have a joyous summer and spend time with as many loved ones as possible.























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