Old Friends and New Projects

I began my week by visiting an old favorite friend and project, the Lake Oswego Library, to spend time with the amazing librarian, Jackie, and to see how things are holding up. I took a few photos of additions to the original mural, so thought I would share them here.  Over the years, Jackie will get a new idea, and we will get to paint a new area – always fun.  By now, it is pretty well filled up. A few years back, we added these hardboard cut-out pieces of Rainbow Fish characters to the tile walls in the children’s bathrooms.  We also made a cloud-shaped sign that hangs over the story area, a very well-used space that is frequently filled up with awe-struck kids listening to favorite books read aloud.  I have added painted wood cut-outs to lots of different mural projects for a variety of reasons: to add dimension, to put images on a surface too rough to paint nicely, or in case the client wants to move the painting.  It’s a fun option.

Next, I checked out the new room that needs updating at Ronald McDonald House in Portland.  It is called the Lewis and Clark room, and already has a wonderful mural and lodge-style theme, but as with everything, the years have taken a toll on the furniture, paint and accessories.  We will preserve and re-touch the mural and attached canoe-bed, and re-do everything else with fresh, updated paint and furnishings.  Keep an eye out for progress on this!

I also started painting in a little girl’s fairytale room, that, when finished, will have a castle-shaped bed (currently being painstakingly painted by her mama), and will be filled with flowers, rainbows, little critters, and even portraits of her doggies.  Quite a special place for a 3-year-old who just moved.  I will finish next week, and post pictures of the completed room – you can see part of the bed in this photo (it is a giant puzzle right now.)

That’s all for now!  I’m having fun with paint and glaze, and will have more to share next week.

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