One Square Foot Paintings

IMG_3656After I completed my project for the bonsai exhibit (see previous post), I found myself with 100 pieces of 1/4″ x 12″ x 48″ boards that were leftover from the large display.  What to do….. I decided to chop them up into many 12″ square pieces, and have been making little paintings and mixed media pieces in my spare time between mural projects.  They consist of a variety of collage, acrylic, pastel, paint, photography, wax – whatever I have on hand that seems like a fun idea.  I like playing with color, texture and pattern. I’ve really been enjoying time in my studio working on these tiny projects, giving my arm and shoulder a little time to rest after all of the big walls!

Here are a few of them, I hope you like them:IMG_2954IMG_2956IMG_2957IMG_2951IMG_2959IMG_2946IMG_1627IMG_3653IMG_3655IMG_2950IMG_2948IMG_3660IMG_3654IMG_3659IMG_3661

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