Swimmers for a Pink Bathroom

My friend Carrie Knapp has a beautiful mid-century home in California, and with it came the quintessential pink bathroom!  pink bath funShe and her husband got inspired to keep the perfectly good tile when they were doing some remodeling, and had fun embracing their “Mamie Eisenhower” pink room, so fashionable  60 years ago. more pink fun (Check out Save the Pink Bathrooms!)












They picked up a vintage poster while traveling,australia and needed another piece of art that would keep the retro vibe going, make that pink work, and complete the whole room.  We looked at other vintage posters, but none were just right…. so I said “I’ll paint one for you!”

Carrie is an avid swimmer, so I found some good ideas from some old swimsuit ads,swim 3and played around with those, until I found this old Vanity Fair magazine cover and we both loved it.mag

So that’s the long story of how I ended up painting this vintage-style “poster” for my dear friend’s “new”  pink bathroom!

I shipped it off yesterday!matching tilegetting startedHere are a few images of the painting as I worked on it.  You might notice the disembodied pair of legs that are so charming on a small magazine cover… well, they really creeped me out in a large painting, so you can see what I did…..finished

detail Here’s a little detail.  That’s it!  It was SO much fun to paint!  Dames de la mer!



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