The Heathman Hotel

Karen in kitchen We are back at the Heathman to complete this first phase of the Secret Passage!  Here comes Karen with her first load of supplies through the kitchen….

Now its time to start adding in details and making the surfaces richer with layers of paint and tones.

The only color detail is some yellow in the windows and on the marquee, so we want the grays to be nice and warm and deep.Adding color






In addition to the color, we have quite a few details to add – here is the progress at the top of the stair area:and adding detailsand details like of the stairs

The fun part of this project are the “signatures” that indicate some of the luminaries who have stayed at the Heathman, then travelled this passage to get to the Schnitzer Concert Hall to perform or appear.  the signaturesWe will add more over time – these are just a few of the long list of artists and dignitaries who have passed this way.  (In fact, Hugh Laurie appeared last week, and was our first celebrity visitor to the mural!  Who knew he was a blues musician?)more donemore finishedFinished!complete2

We added more black sky and glued Australian crystals for extra sparkle – it is finally complete.  So that’s how it turned out!

Josh in the muralHere’s Josh, the “Beefeater” doorman who has stood to welcome guests at the entrance of the Heathman for over 11 years, and here is Zelda, or rather, Zelda’s likeness cast in bronze, sitting next to Josh.the real Zelda  She also welcomes guests – dog guests.

Thank you Heathman, for a fun couple of weeks!





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