Undersea Room with Mermaid

This lovely bedroom was painted for a 4-year-old girl, the best sort of client of all, of course!  She wanted to be surrounded by a dreamy undersea scene, so I started by painting layers of soft, flowing waves of blues and greens.Watery background  I faded the tones from dark on the bottom to lighter as I moved toward the top, using lots of glazes and varying shades of cool, oceany colors.

Then I start adding details, like ribbony seaweed, ocean floor corals and plants, fish and seahorses, and the mermaid who stars in this fantasy seascape.

I even added some crystals into the jewelry and hair of the mermaid, just for some real sparkle.


Adding ribbony seaweed shapesBed will go hereFull mermaid wall

detail 1


detail 2


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