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A Little Bit of Everything…..

I hope this looks enticing……. I like the looks of it!  It is to let you know that we will be having some painting classes down in Portland at the ultra-fab Trader Vic’s restaurant, so stay tuned for further details!  … Continue reading

Recent work

I have been working on lots of smaller pieces, apart from mural work, lately, and thought I would share some of them here.  As I have for the last three years, I once again donated some art to the fabulous … Continue reading

Lucky Me!

I have been so fortunate this week to meet, get to know, and get to help out with the remarkable Lydia Emily, and her crew!  She was in Portland to paint a large mural in support of finding a cure … Continue reading

Surfing Cat

Well, I just loved these so much I wanted to put them on the blog.  Not too much to say – the client wanted her cat painted in clothes.  I took it from there…….

Heathman Hotel revisit!

Here is a fun clip that ran on the local news over the weekend.  My “Secret Passage” mural is featured at the end of the segment, so please enjoy!

Room for Batman Fan

Last week’s client was a young man who is crazy for comic books, and is especially a fan of the Batman series.  He wanted to transform just a part of his room to look like he had access to the … Continue reading

Finding Art Everywhere in Bali

  The month of August was a family vacation month, away from making any art or working on any murals, so I used this incredible, luxurious opportunity to look for inspiration everywhere I went.  Not too difficult in Bali, Indonesia. … Continue reading

Odds and Ends

While looking over some recent photos, I realized that I have quite a few mural projects that have been left out of the blog reports, so thought I would throw them all into this miscellaneous pot just to show some … Continue reading

Julie Brown’s Confluence Project

I originally featured a story on my friend and singular Renaissance woman and artist extraordinaire, 2 years ago, when the first set of these monumental mosaic panels went up.   The final triptych was installed in June, and I want to … Continue reading

Room 213 is Complete!

    Week two at Ronald McDonald House!   Karen and I worked hard all week to get the room ready for the big ribbon-cutting ceremony, which will be Monday afternoon, and will include representatives from the 19 Marriott Hotels who … Continue reading